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Race and Culture: a World View

In this world of contradictions, where production of food far exceeds that of the past but still many are hungry, where resources can be utilized at their optimum but many are still poor, I believe that racism is still prevalent, but people are waking up and it is my hope that it will come to an end. This, I believe is the essence of the Occupy Movements. The speed at which it was picked up by citizens of the United States shows that more and people are waking up to the reality of oppression, and though the issue is centered mainly to the economy, it is my hope that the issue of racism will again, be condemned and be discussed in a more in-depth manner. Corporate greed has become a major contention point but white supremacy still happens in the workplace and even in universities, but as people become aware of the issue of marginalization, soon, racism will again be tackled. As an African-American, I, myself have experienced racism. For example, in college, I received partial scholarship white Caucasians garnered full scholarships despite the fact that I received better times. Moreover, I know several black Americans who failed to receive a promotion despite receiving better performance reviews simply because they were competing with a white American. ...Show more


(student’s full number) Race and Culture: A World View This paper talks about the difference of race and culture, and how culture, instead of race, should be used to determine a person’s world view…
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