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(Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Moral Autobiography Ethics is the branch of philosophy that deals with values relating to human conduct. It analyzes whether an action is right or wrong according to the degree of goodness and badness involved in the action and the motives.


Genetics made me possess certain innate qualities that I find difficult to erase. However, it seems to me that socialization had a larger role in deciding my outward behavior (Text). For example, my present skills, knowledge, values, emotions and my role are all decided by the society. Admittedly, the very beginning of my socialization was from family followed by peers, school and the wider society. Thus, the beginning of my ethics was from my family, especially my parents. As my father is a Jew and mother has no affiliation with any religion, I grew up with no influence of any religion on me. However, the values of ethics that developed in me were mainly imported from the values I observed in my parents. In the early stages of my life, that is play, I imitated the surroundings I saw. I played doctor, police, father and teacher. At this stage, even without my knowing, the basic values of ethics were getting inculcated. Evidently, in the beginning, my ethics was entirely normative in nature. Admittedly, it was somewhat in the kind of the Golden Rule that one should do to others what one wants others to do to one. I learnt the fact that I should respect my parents, teachers and all elders. In addition, certain fundamentals like killing or harming is bad, it is good to help others were also incorporated into my ethical repertoire. Here, the tenets of Role Theory seem useful. ...
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