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Name Surname Professor Name Subject 25 November 2011 Biography of Sir Albert Einstein Introduction: Albert Einstein is known as one of the most famous scientists in the world from the times of history till the present times. This report presents a biography on the concerned personality thus focusing on his life, his contributions in the field of science and associating his works with the business ethics in the economic world as well as medical ethics, discussing the ethical principles of the leader.


In the year 1901, he completed his diploma and joined Swiss Patent Office as technical assistant, after attaining Swiss citizenship. Thereafter in another four years, he completed his doctorate. While he performed his work as a professor in universities or as technical assistance with any organization, he continued with his scientific works as well. During his professional life, he conducted much of his scientific works and also played the role of professor in Physics for a certain period of time. He had also undertaken citizenship in Germany and stayed there from the year 1914 till 1933. In the year 1940 he shifted to America. He sooner became a significant public figure in the Movement of the World Government performing as a leader and he also received the offer for the post of Israel President ship but he did not accept the offer. He is known to contribute in religion works as well (Biography). Thus his reputation and recognition for his contributions were well known in the different countries that he stayed in. ...
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