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Name of author: Faith and diplomacy The interferences of religion in politics is a controversial topic all over the world. Many politicians and sociologists are of the view that religion and religious beliefs should stay away from politics in order to ensure distribute social justice to all people irrespective of their religion.


Former U.S. Secretary of State (1997 to 2001),Madeleine Albright has recently published an article “Faith and Diplomacy,” in which she argues that religion should have some role in foreign policy, even though she does not inform her readers of what that faith inflected diplomacy would look like. This paper analyses the role religion should play in diplomacy based on the arguments put forward by Albright. “Studies indicate that wars with a religious component last longer and are fought more savagely than other conflicts. Too many throats have been cut in God’s name through the ages, and God has enlisted in too many wars” (Albright, p.3). Samuel Huntington has put forward his famous Clash of civilization political theory a couple of decades before. He has argued that people's cultural and religious identities are the major source of conflict for all the conflicts happened in this world after the intense cold war between America and Soviet Union. He has proposed this theory during the initial periods of 1990’s while taking a lecture at American Enterprise Institute. ...
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