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The Role of Religon In Diplomacy

This paper approves that it is difficult to solve all international disputes with the help of faith or religious leaders. There are many conflicts in which both the parties happens to be from the same religion. It should be noted that Iran and Iraq have engaged in a fierce battle few years before even though both the countries are dominated by Muslim religion. The influence of religion in Iranian politics was more than that in Iraq few years before. Even though Muslim leaders tried to solve Iran-Iraq conflicts amicably, Saddam’s dictatorship prevented them from doing so. Nobody can argue that Hitler like dictators will even hear the words of religious leaders. In short, settling cultural disputes between countries with the help of faith based diplomacy is difficult in some cases as cited in the above examples. Majority of the religions teach the importance of love in solving problems between people and cultures. Religious leaders should teach diplomats and politicians the necessities of solving cultural disputes based on moral and values rather than selfishness. In the current globalized world, religious leaders can play more useful roles in solving cultural problems.
This report makes a conclusion that faith based diplomacy is essential in solving some of the culturally motivated disputers in this world. Albright’s opinions are extremely relevant and logical when we analyze some of the cultural conflicts existing in this world. Faith based diplomacy with the help of morals and values will be more effective than political diplomacy. ...
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Politicians and diplomats approach global issues in a particular manner- earn more and sacrifice less. In other words, in dialogues between diplomats of two clashing parties, each side will try to safeguard their interests as much as possible. This paper critically analyses the views of Madeleine Albright…
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