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Issue of Sin - Essay Example


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Issue of Sin

The hypocrisy of the Jews was cited in Chapter 2, where the laws, referring to the commandments, was not followed by those expected to follow them. This chapter also emphasized on God’s impartiality in judgment, with the Jews of equal footing with the Gentiles, even if they are the chosen nation (USCCB, 2011). Chapters 3 to 5 talks about our co-existence with sin and God’s love for all human beings and His judgment on all sinners. The righteousness of God and of man was justified through the lives of Abraham and Isaac, where they have devoted themselves to the Lord and their faith has led themto be favored. Similarly, Paul clearly stated that all human beings will be given what we deserve. The judgment that will be brought to us, will depend solely on our faith and actions, and not on what nation we belong to. Chapter 5 also emphasized on humanity’s redemption because of God’s love for us and the reconciliation that brings us to peace with God (USCCB, 2011). Universality of Sin Sin,in St. Paul’s epistle, was considered as a general term for all actions deemed as evil, or against the laws. It pertains to the force which engulfed humanity and engages itself in selfish desires (USCCB, 2011). The universality of sin points out to the co-existence of sin with our human lives. As humans, we are weak and easily give in to the temptations of the flesh (Ridderbos, 1997). Sin became part of our existence as human beings because of Adam. It was through Adam’s crime in the Book of Genesis that sin

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She has placed her other elbow over the table and bent her arm so that she can cushion her head with the hand. The girl has short hair with the length reaching only her chin. She is looking at the glass of wine with a dreamy look
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The Baptism of Jesus in the Gospels is a critical point in his mission. Explain why and what is its connection to the Paschal Mystery. As Jesus did not inherit original Sin, why did he offer himself for Baptism
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entered humanity, and along with it was also death, both of body and soul (USCCB, 2011). In the same manner, the universality applies to both Jews and Gentiles, as directly indicated in (Romans 3:9): “For we have already brought the charge against Jews and Greeks alike that they are all under the domination of sin”. Although the Jews have known themselves to be privileged in the eyes of God, they have no advantage over the Gentiles when it comes to the issue of sin and the judgment that comes with it. The verses in Romans 2:17-23 have stated of the hypocrisy of the Jews on the Gentiles, having used their laws to persecute and discriminate the Gentiles. These actions of sin led Paul to state: “Because of you the nameof God is reviled among the Gentiles” (Romans 2:24). Paul continuously reminded that all are sinners and that there is not one human being that has no sin (Romans 3:12): “All have gone astray; all alike are worthless”. Redemption and Reconciliation as God’s Solution to the Issue of Sin Paul wrote of God’s righteousness and fair judgment. Having clearly stated that all human beings are sinners, the solution to the issue of sin is redemption and reconciliatio


Letter of St. Paul to the Romans (1-5): Issue of Sin Your First Name Your Last Name Date Submitted Summary of Romans 1-5 The first five chapters of the letter of St. Paul to the Romans describe the existence of the reality that all humans are sinners, and all of us are equally deserving of salvation, regardless of the nation that we belong to…
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Issue of Sin essay example
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