Religious Cultural artifacts of India

Religion and Theology
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What do cultural artifacts mean?  Cultural artifact: It is an expression used in the social sciences, particularly anthropology, ethnology, and sociology for anything created by humans which gives information about the culture of its creator and users.


Amongst the most vivacious illustration of admired visual art found in Indian towns and cities are the religious posters and calendars showing saints, and places of reverence and worship, obtainable at many roadside stalls near temples, mosques, and ornamented at walls inside homes, shops, or in worship-corners. While such visual depiction may have existed in the past in popular forms of painting, the introduction of printing press and the mass construction industry in the 20th century transformed it into a matured mass culture, characterized by its own popular aesthetics, the interpretation of the myths, and the marketing strategy. While it is simple to find religious posters and charts for a Hindu follower in hefty numbers and variety, it is also not difficult to get posters depicting Muslim themes and legends. Although most Muslim posters available in India portray the shrines at Mecca and Medina or the Quranic verses in calligraphy, one can also discover the portraits of saints, their shrines, and the miracles, represented as brilliantly as in a typical Hindu mythological picture. ...
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