The Journey of a Buddhist Nun: Even Against the Wind

The Journey of a Buddhist Nun: Even Against the Wind Book Report/Review example
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The Journey of a Buddhist Nun: Even Against the Wind An extremely touching story narrated by the protagonist himself to the writer Sid Brown. This story was narrated to the author by a Thai woman named Wabi, who attained nirvana by following the path of Buddhism.


The story is more of an epic lesson that teaches undefined determination to attain something. Question 1 Unsatisfied about life From childhood, Wabi was not satisfied with the normal way of living. One day, after returning from a temple with her mother, she realized in herself a desire “to go forth”. After the completion of her sixth grade, the young Wabi was pressurized by crisis of money to work on fields, and help her mother to do household works and also raise her siblings. At the age of sixteen she had a sudden realization of nirvana, and hence forth she had an uncontrollable urge to move away from the normal life and take the noble path pursued by the Buddha. So, she moved on to pursue the life of meditation, which would finally lead her to enlightment. Real meaning The meaning of the word “to go forth” in terms of Buddhism is to attain renunciation. The decision taken by a person to give up his or her family and social life to take the path of achieving nirvana is said to be renunciation. Gifted individuals There are only a few people in this world who possess the potential required for enlightment. Such people feel depressed and disoriented living in the midst of the society and family members, because what they seek actually is freedom from the general life and a life of grand meditation. These people go forth to attain nirvana. ...
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