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God Does Exist - Research Paper Example

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What makes man the most superior to everything in the world is his brain. It is our senses that fundamentally make us stand out and distinguished from all other organisms. Since humans’ common sense has led them to achieving all they have today, if common sense says the God is there, God must be there. God does exist. This is self-evident. Nothing gets made unless it has been intended and somebody has done it. We want a chair and we go to the carpenter. We want a skyscraper and we approach the engineers and the architects. We want a treatment for some medicine and we go to the doctor. All of this is done purposefully because we have a belief that when somebody tries, there is an outcome. So we tend to approach the right people for the task at hand. So this is understood that there has to be a creator for everything. There is definitely a limit to what humans can create. Through research, we have come to know that man has the maximum brain as compared to all other organisms and this is the reason why man is able to create much more and far better things than all other plants or animals. While there is a limit to human brains and so to the humans’ creations, there is somebody who has got more brains than the humans and is thus able to create the whole universe. Like we create buildings, airplanes, trains, computers, internet and all the technology, there is somebody who has created us, the plants, the animals, the sun, the moon, the stars and everything that we see around us and are not able to create no matter how much we try. That somebody is God. If we place a piece of paper upon a table, it would stay there for centuries and centuries unless someone comes and removes it. When a piece of paper cannot move on its own, we are bound to think of someone that is moving the sun, the moon and the Earth and is taking care of the whole solar system. There is somebody that is transforming the day into the night and the night into the day, and that is God. Whatever happens in this world, happens for a reason. Nothing is meaningless. A woman’s breast doesn’t milk unless she gives birth to a baby. We know that in the nascent stage, milk is all that a baby asks for, and there is somebody who is not only intelligent enough to understand this, but is also powerful enough to provide the baby with the milk from the source that is the most authenticated and the best well-wisher of the baby i.e. the baby’s mother. Witnessing all this, man that has been made with brains is bound to think of somebody who understands everybody’s needs and provides everybody with them. It is not the mother who can ever produce the milk unless there is someone who intends it and is powerful enough to do, and that is God. This universe has one rule. W hat is right feels right and what is wrong feels wrong. Nothing bad that one does makes one feel good. One lies and one feels bad about it. One cheats and one feels bad about it. One steals and one repents. One murders and one faces the consequences. All these acts i.e. lying, cheating, stealing and murdering are strictly forbidden by religion that comes from God. If there is one entity that abstains us from doing everything that we know is wrong, that entity is bound to be right and just. Not only this, we have even stronger reason to believe in God. After every sin, when we make apology to God, it makes us feel good. While only good things make ...Show more
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17 November 2011. God Does Exist Man is superior to all living organisms. While this may be seen as a debatable argument, it is evident with the way man has progressed in this world since the evolution of mankind on the face of the Earth as compared to all other living organisms…
God Does Exist
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