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I decided to choose one hour a few days before Thanksgiving to be in God’s creation; and what a divine and humbling experience it was! I gained insights and personal discoveries that added substance to my celebration of Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, mainly due to the new intellectual dimensions learned from the wisdom of the masters of pastoral leadership and Christian spirituality.


This applies to my experience of that hour spent in God’s creation and my renewed appreciation for the Sabbath, an old practice that has gained a new modern dimension. This experience has given me a renewed vision of God, the purpose of my life and of those around me, more especially the people who depend on me for pastoral leadership, and of what I need to do to be more effective as a follower and pastor, of one who leads others to God’s kingdom and who is led by the hand by the Divine Master. My first lesson is that of having gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Sabbath, a weekly reminder that God blessed and made holy this day of rest (Bass 78). Being the perfect teacher he is, God laid down in scripture that on the Sabbath day, he rested, not so much to tell us that he got tired from all that creating stuff, because God by definition does not get tired. Rather, God rested to show us how important it is to spend time, slow down, experience moments of tranquility and peace, and reflect on the important things in life. ...
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