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Islamic View of Medical Treatment (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Islamic View of Medical Treatment Introduction Religious practices and health conditions of the worshiper are the two inter related concepts in every faith model of the world communities. As per the concept of Islam, medical knowledge is a branch of useful knowledge that keeps human beings fit and comfortable to perform the commitments designed by the Islamic principles.


This essay studies and evaluates some of the religious implications of medical treatment methods practiced by the scientifically inspired new society. Islam and Practices of Birth Control methods and Fertility Treatments As per the religious concept, marriage is meant for the basic purpose of having children as a contribution to the growth of the community. Any attempt to deliberate termination of pregnancy or the practices for attaining sterility endorses again the principles of this religion. From the view point of Al Sayyad (n.d), the fetus has an independent right to live within the mother’s body; therefore an attempt to abort it is an assault as well as a murder. Surgical methods of sterilization such as vasectomy and hysterectomy are not permissible in the religious point of view. The conceptual view is that the faith in Allah contributes to the finding of resources to all His creations to live on the earth. Thus an attempt to attain permanent birth control for any reason other than medical requirements amounting to the risk of life is considered objectionable. ...
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