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Religion and Theology
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Religion and science have widely been applied by believers and intellectuals respectively, to help in the conceptualization of facts and events. An important point to note is that, religion derives the understanding of facts and events from the mere idea of belief and faith.


However, science focuses on understanding facts and events by through conducting empirical and pragmatic experiments. There has been a lot of contradiction between religion and science, believers and intellectuals separately claim their own understanding and explanations of events and facts to be true. However, in the midst of all those controversies, there are individuals who try to establish a compromise between religion and science. This paper will include the explanation of two quotes, in light of Kenneth Miller’s ideas and thereafter my critical comments regarding the quotes. Miller is a pragmatic individual, has embedded in him religion and science. He understands that understanding the universe, cannot be based on only religion as creation scientist try to claim (Miller 60). When factoring in on the question, from a creation scientist’s perspective, it is clear that they are actually missing a point or two on understanding the universe scientifically. Miller is right when he disowns the position of the creation scientists. I accordingly agree with Miller when he asserts that creation scientist misunderstand the connection between human existence, religion and science (Miller 63). In religious books, which are of different kinds of religions, there are explanations for the universe existence’s, which are decisively related to science. ...
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