Old title: Black Preaching: The Recovery of a powerful Art, by Henry Mitchell

Old title: Black Preaching: The Recovery of a powerful Art, by Henry Mitchell Essay example
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Author Tutor Course Date Black Preaching: The Recovery of a Powerful Art, by Henry Mitchell Introduction Religion has been a vital part of our lives. Recent times have seen the cropping up of quite a number of churches, this demonstrates dynamism in religion.


In essence, there are variations in the manner of preaching, not only within particular groups but also between groups. Certain methods of preaching are attributable to specific groups of people. Henry Mitchell addresses this disparity in the book “Black Preaching: The Recovery of a Powerful Art”. Mitchell specifically takes interest in the Black culture and the style of preaching, convincingly demonstrating that they are important in empowering the black congregations. He points out that they have much more to offer to the preaching methods used by all preachers. The book concentrates on the use of imagination, storytelling and the preaching style that is rooted in the African American culture, thereby spotlighting the techniques that would be effective in lively preaching. The book aims at exploring preaching not in theory, but rather in practice and in the specific aspect of difference in black preaching. Mitchell defines black preaching as using a medium of tonality and imagery as a way of enhancing the message. He states that this would not downgrade its quality, instead, it would upgrade its effectiveness. Mitchell states that people are not saved by intellectually impressive, exciting, and stimulating ideas, but rather, by faith, which essentially does not constitute an idea. ...
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