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Chariots to China - Book Report/Review Example

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Title: The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver Insert academic level The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver, Barbara is about a Price family that leaves for a mission to Kilanga village in Congo. The author begins with the price woman attempting to put on as many clothes as she can and filling her pockets with items to attain the minimum weight required for her to board an airplane…

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Chariots to China

Instead of leading a blessing session for the food, he criticizes the nakedness of the people. Nathan in a small garden plants in straight rows but heavy rains in Congo wash the seedlings away. He holds baptismal functions in the river but people are scared of crocodiles (Kingsolver, 19998). All his daughters apart from Rachel develop friendship in the village against his wish. Of the daughters, Orleanna develops an understanding with the village women even without having any friendship with them. The major idea in book 1 is Nathan’s attempt to plant in a garden in the village. He ignores the explanation by Tataba of the importance of growing in hills and finally comes to discover that straight rows are easily washed away by heavy rainfall. Nathan is also frustrated to win the people’s co-operation in attempting to convert them to Christianity. At some moment he feels that he may be able to win their hearts if he meets their need for food and therefore sets some wreck in a nearby stream catching some fish. Although he provides plenty of fish; a lot is spoiled since the people are not able to preserve the left over. This results to weeks of rot with stanching smell that annoys people who continue to defy conversion to Christianity. ...
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