The Poisonwood Bible By Kingsolver - Book Report/Review Example

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The Poisonwood Bible By Kingsolver

In book four, after a long dry spell, people have no food and they start hunting for food. Leah who knows how to use an arrow decides to participate in hunting. This stirs controversy as it is inappropriate for women to hunt. A ruling in her favor allows her to continue hunting and she is lucky to kill an antelope and one of the men in her company claims the antelope killed by Leah ensuring a fight. Kavudundu the witch doctor foresees curse and lethal snakes begin to appear in common places.In the afternoon, Nelson notices a sign of a curse on his house and attempts to discover the person behind it. Girls spread ashes around the house and the foot of Kavidundu is identified but Ruth May succumbs to a bite of a snake planted in the house. After burying Ruth, Orleanna with her remaining daughters leaves Congo.In book five, the remaining Price women narrate stories of their lives after the departure of Ruth. Upon reaching Georgia, Adah goes to college to study medicine while Orleanna takes up farming. Leah who is suffering from malaria is unable to travel and after recovering marries Anatole whom she settles with in Angola whereas Ruth marries Axelroot but leaves him for a French ambassador for his infidelity and abuse. Her second marriage fails is also unsuccessful and she then marries Remy Fairly and the older man who later dies leaving her with a hotel. Finally, book six gives a summary of the sisters' opinions about their memories while book seven is about Ruth's experiences on her death bed and forgives her mother. ...
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The paper "The Poisonwood Bible By Kingsolver" describes The Bible from Kingsolver, Barbara - about the family of prices, which goes on a mission to the village of Kilanga in the Congo. The author starts with the price a woman tries to put on as many clothes as she can…
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