Christians' Role in the Community

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Personal testimonies are incredibly important in sharing the Gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is universal in that He is the Savior of the entire world. Yet the understanding of this Gospel is an incredibly personal phenomenon. The effects of the Gospel on the life of an individual are best shown through the sharing of a personal testimony.


The sharing of a personal testimony builds a spiritual bond between the sharer and the recipient of the testimony of Christ. This witness creates a special relationship that is built on the foundation of spiritual witnessing by the Spirit of God. The true testimony of a believer and the recipient of the testimony feel the promptings and workings of the Spirit because the message is true. In this way, personal testimonies build a web, or community of believers based on the personal testimonies of believers. This community of believers is largely held together by the workings of the Spirit in their hearts. Personal testimonies are the best way to show that you have gained knowledge, through the Spirit, of Jesus Christ. The sharing of testimony has the unique ability to shape and influence the testimony of others. Personal testimony can be more powerful that critical study of scripture and more formal preaching because of the intimate nature of personal knowledge gained through the Spirit of God. Personal testimonies are shared in intimate and informal settings; they have the ability to mold the character of a community one person at a time. Personal testimonies meld together into a sort of communal testimony that enlightens, inspires and guides the entire community. ...
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