Reflections on the Life and Period of King Saul

Reflections on the Life and Period of King Saul Essay example
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Reflections on the Life and Period of King Saul I. Introduction The Christian or Jewish bible is more than a source of religious inspiration and faith. It is also a documentation of a people’s way of life and how they think and lived in a period. Understanding the context of the biblical period and how they people live involved in the period live and think will most likely help us understand better the faith that was derived from the literature or document that is known as the Holy Bible.


The bible narrates that when the Prophet Samuel grew old, the elders of Israel demanded a king for Israel because the sons of Samuel were not walking in the ways of Samuel and also because they need a leader “like other nations” (1 Samuel 8.5). At first, Samuel attempted to dissuade his people from having a king. Samuel was also “displeased” and prayed to God. In response, God communicated to Samuel that it was not Samuel’s leadership that the people was rejecting but God’s kingdom (1 Samuel 8.7). God asked Samuel to tell his people what a king would do: draft citizens for army service, get a tenth of the harvest, and turn people to slaves (1 Samuel 8.10-18). However, the people remained steadfast in asking Samuel for a king and God eventually conceded (1 Samuel 8.21). The Israelites wanted a king “like the other nations” to lead them, go with them, and fight their battles (1 Samuel 8.20). ...
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