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History of Ancient Africa: Zimbabwe, Mali, Pre-Muslim Ghana

Some of the countries that enjoyed great civilization in the Dark Continent before their colonization include Zimbabwe, Mali, and Pre-Muslim Ghana. The Great Zimbabwe The Great Zimbabwe is one of the ruined cities. The Great Zimbabwe that was once considered as the capital of the kingdom of Zimbabwe existed between 1100 and 1450 during its late Iron Age. The existence of Zimbabwe can be traced back in the eleventh century. The countries great history can as well be considered to have been constructed and well developed in the fourteenth century. The great Zimbabwe was the royal palace for the monarchy of the Zimbabweans. The monarchy was used as a seat for political power (Raftopoulos & Mlambo 39). This country enjoyed numerous achievement including prominent wall features that were over five meters high that were constructed without mortar. Civilization of the ancient Zimbabwe was considered the most significant world civilization in the medieval period. Despite the great achievement or civilization that had been attained by the native Zimbabweans, several white settlers disputed and disgruntled such great civilization saying such degree of civilization could have not been achieved by this black nation. Most of imperialists including the British, Germans, and the Portuguese used their resources to dismiss civilization of the great Zimbabwe. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: History of Ancient Africa: Zimbabwe, Mali, Pre-Muslim Ghana The European and other powers that colonized Africa, described Africa as “a Dark Continent” when they began exploring Africa. They saw African continent as a land of opportunities but a dangerous place for them…
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