Ultra Orthodox versus Secular Jews among the Israeli - Term Paper Example

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Ultra Orthodox versus Secular Jews among the Israeli

The world view also comprises of the knowledge of what is held to be true and what is considered false by the individual or society. The world view also includes the ethics held. This therefore means that people with different world views will have different thoughts and attitudes about a given subject. This can be a potential cause of conflict in a multicultural setting. An example of a community that has diverse world views is the Israeli community. The different world views present in the Israeli society means that there are many attitudes that are held in the society towards issues such as sexuality and intimacy. The different world views present in the Israeli society include the ultra orthodox Israeli Jews and the secular community. The two communities are different in the way that they interpret the world around them, and how they carry on their day to day activities. The fundamental difference between the two groups can be seen in their religious beliefs. The differences in religions mean that the two groups will have different codes of behavior and ethics. The differences however extend to the values that they hold in regards to different aspects of life. This means that the two groups have different world views when it comes to their views on intimacy and sexuality. ...
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Instructor Ultra Orthodox versus Secular Jews among the Israeli Within any given community or culture, there are often more than one world view. A person’s world view refers to the perspective that one uses to interpret and give meaning to his world…
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