Theological Analysis: The Role of Jacob in the Book of Genesis

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Theological Analysis: The Role of Jacob in the Book of Genesis Jacob stands as a predominant figure in Genesis, as beneficiary of the Abrahamic covenant and forefather to the nation of Israel. In the competition between himself and Esau, although he is prophesied as “the greater,” he does not obtain the promise lodged in his destiny easily.


One theological commentator notes that “the change of name from Jacob to Israel signifies divine approval of Jacob's inheritance of the birthright1.” As Jacob ripens in his experience, one traces growth and strength.. DECEIVER AND USURPER True to his name, Jacob, along with Rebecca, plots and manoeuvres to get his will accomplished in seizing the birthright from Esau. Jacob takes advantage of this situation, arranging a deceitful contract. Jacob knows that he is destined for greatness because of his mother’s transmission of that knowledge of his mysterious tendencies in the prenatal stages. Like his forefather Abraham, he takes matters into his own hands when already there was an immutable promise ratified by Yahweh himself. The culmination of Jacob’s strategizing is witnessed when he feigns that he is Esau in a classic impersonation stunt. At t his point of Jacob’s life, he shows that the end justifies the means. COMPLICITY WITH HIS MOTHER It is worthy to note that Jacob’s deception is not totally inherent within himself for his chief abetting accomplice was his mother. His mother understands clearly that although Jacob and Esau are twins they are completely separate from one another in thought, in disposition and in destiny. There could be no peace between them. ...
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