Saint Augustine: Grace and Free Will

Saint Augustine: Grace and Free Will Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Saint Augustine: Grace and free will According to Saint Augustine, people have frequently determined the roles of a free will in their life. He assumes that the free will is automatically free and seeks on how to determine in choosing between good and evil.


In his approach on the free choice on the will, he assumes that we cannot deny that we posses free will. Instead, he defines the good will in terms of the will that seeks to live both a good and an upright life in attaining a perfect wisdom that assumes it as free. The catechism in the catholic church have seconded to this asserting that endowed with the spiritual soul, free will and with intellect, human being is from the conception that has been ordered to God and has the eternal beatitude as its destiny. More so any free will, which does not seek God, attaches its interests towards the material things, which are easily lost right from the hurricanes to death. On earth, those people who choose evil end up being ruled by their own passions and the desires for the worldly things. This is dangerous as such people have the love of the things that each of them can easily lose against his own will. It is quite ironic that one who decides to choose doing good, gains everything due to lack of fear attached to losing the things because of lack of attachment given to them. In this world those who become more perfect end up losing every material thing but gain all precisely due to their ability to attain perfection which is wisdom. In this regard, we cannot lose wisdom when we have good will. ...
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