Viewpoints of Judaism by Abraham Geiger and Samuel Raphael Hirsch

Viewpoints of Judaism by Abraham Geiger and Samuel Raphael Hirsch Essay example
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Name Instructor Task Date Viewpoints of JUDAISM by Abraham Geiger and Samuel Raphael Hirsch Introduction Abraham Geiger was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1810. He grew up to become a transformation rabbi and scholar, and was the founder of Reform Judaism. At a tender age, he was skeptical of the traditional comprehension on Judaism when his classical history studies seemed to challenge divine authority claims of the bible.


Abraham was terrified by tremendous loss of European Jewry embarrassing secular nationalism. He saw the solution to this was to modernize Judaism. He looked at Judaism as more of a religion than a culture. Samson Raphael Hirsch was born on June 20, 1808 in Hamburg, Germany. He schooled in public schools and was influenced strongly by Schiller and Hegel. He acquired his Jewish education at home. He grew up in a strong Jew foundation, his father who was Staunch Jew and his grandfather founded Talmud Torah in Hamburg. He grew to become a Rabbi in Oldenburg, Emden who had an enormous influence on Orthodox Judaism. In his studies, he went to Bonn University, and coincidentally Abraham was one of his classmates. He was an author of several prominent books and published Jeschurun, a monthly journal. He viewed Judaism as a teaching or lore and not as a law. A teaching expressed in ceremonies that are symbolic and change with development in history Orthodox Judaism is extremely strict in it belief in torahs, bible, and concept of messiah (coming of a savior). They believe the torah is verbal communication between Moses and God on Mount Sinai, in 1312 BC. Orthodox Judaism was then formed on this basis, communication (Falcon & Blatner, 3). ...
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