The Religious Life of Planet Earth

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Running Head: THE RELIGIOUS LIFE OF PLANET EARTH The Religious Life of Planet Earth Client’s Name School Affiliation Planet Earth is well-known for its multiple religions. People in this planet are reported to have bewildering forms of faith, sects, religious groups, denominational developments, and religious societies of every kind.


Therefore, I set criteria that helped me determine the devoutness of people on planet Earth: their one God, the prophet who serves as the people’s leader, the holy book which provides people spiritual guidance, and scriptures or teachings that impact people’s values and behaviors. Before I further describe the criteria which I established for my religious quest on planet Earth, I believe it would be necessary to endeavor to define what religion on planet Earth means. Different perspectives offer different definitions of the term “religion.” In its very essence, religion on Earth symbolizes its people’s relationship with a supernatural being, or a deity, who is believed to have control over some aspects of living and of the world (Idinopulos, 1998). People call this supernatural being differently: some call it their “God,” while others call it their “Allah.” Nonetheless, this supernatural being helps people in understanding the world and the meaning and importance of human existence. This understanding provides structure and stability within their society, and exposits the undertakings and purposes for the humankind (Idinopulos, 1998). ...
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