Interpersonal Violence Distortion of a Community

Interpersonal Violence Distortion of a Community  Essay example
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Interpersonal Violence Distortion of a Community Name Instructor Task Date Interpersonal Violence Distortion of a Community Introduction History reflects that violence has been in existence for quite a long time. Violence can be termed as exercising power in a manner that portrays injustice.


This may impact on the community negatively and will slow any development that would be taking place. According to Myer and Enns, the whole aspect of Christianity concerns reconciliation among individuals within a community. According to them, Christianity would be fighting oppression and violence in the lives of many individuals. They advocate for this with their foundation rooted on the teaching of the Jewish prophets. These two make references to the holy bible that gives guidelines on peacemaking process. The bible is the main source of restorative justice. Through teaching in the bible, one has a view of how disputes were earlier solved and uses the same in current events. At times, through the readings of the bible, people get to know what steps to take in problem solving. Restorative justice aims at resolving differences that would have risen earlier without causing any harm or even regenerating what had earlier happened. Restorative justice is for the purpose of repairing differential concerns that arise in the community. These two authors emphasize that aspect of restorative justice is embedded in the bible as shown by the church. They have hence based their writings on issues of dispute resolving in the bible. For example before Saul converted to Paul he used to persecute Christians but after converting, he was regarded as a follower of Christ. ...
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