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The Islamic terrorists have utilized the opportunity of the growing rift between Islamic countries and Western nations for their terrorist attacks and for this they are using the cover of religion.


But the attacks reveal more hatred for Western culture and intolerance towards other religion than any such religious preaching. Moreover misinterpretations of Islam, particularly the word jihad have been the root cause of terrorism. The Islamic terrorists and extremists have preached false religious beliefs to capture young minds. This has been proved by the review of literature of other research works as well as appropriate findings and analysis. The intensity of terrorism has risen to such a level that it has become a global issue. The Western countries like United States have been the major victims of such attacks. Thousands of people lost their lives in the 9/11 terror attacks. The killers have been Islamic terrorist who have made it a religious issue. They follow militant Islam which has a lot of deviations from the original teachings of Islam. Islam has assumed a violent image due to such terrorists which is not really the case. Clearly the Islamic terrorists have vastly misinterpreted the religion contributing towards its violent image (Emerson). Islam has always taught maintenance of peace. But some unscrupulous religious fanatics have been molding the religion as to their desire and giving lessons of violence to millions of Muslims. That is why it has been seen that Islamic nations do not give freedom of religion to its people (Richardson, Foreword). ...
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