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My Faith was not Developed in a Day - Essay Example

If He asked for my life, without question, I will let Him have it. But my son? Only a father who waited for years to get the son he was promised, would understand the pain I was suffering that night. I wanted to argue with God, bargain with Him if possible. However, images of my years of pilgrimage on this earth flashed before my eyes like they just happened a few days ago. I remembered the very first day God spoke to me telling me to leave my people, my father’s household and go to a place He was to show me, a place I never saw and did not know what to expect. This begun my long journey and the adventures God set for me to enjoy and the lessons I was to pick along the way. I saw myself using my wife as my protection to my flesh and life against the Egyptians as we went there because of a famine we experienced along the way. I was afraid that Pharaoh might envy me because my wife was exceedingly beautiful even as she was getting old, might kill me and take Sarai as his own. Although she was my half sister, I asked her to reveal only that information and not tell them that she was also my wife. Although God did not speak directly to me that time that what I did was wrong, He showed me this by inflicting diseases on Pharaoh and his households. I know now that He wanted me to put my trust totally on Him and so as if doing a replay on this account, God allowed us to move to Gerar where the people were godless and again I feared for my life more than what God could do to me. This time, God spoke

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The Apostle Paul has written a letter to the Romans concerning an upcoming visit. He has touched on this theme as a central reason for his visit. Various theological sources will be cited throughout the paper as faith is both defined and related to Paul’s impending visit.
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My personal Faith Journey as a Roman Catholic Utilizing Fowler's Stages of Faith
In consonance with the Fowler’s stages of Faith, during my early childhood, I perceived God as a Father in Heaven. I simply believed that God loved me and if I be a good girl, one day I will go to heaven. My whole understanding of God revolved around the ideas of sin and grace, right versus wrong.
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It had rewards for every thing that is considered to be good morally and ethically. Basically faith means to believe in ALLAH, HIS messengers, HIS books, the last day and the divine ruling both good and bad. You give some one a glass of water you will be rewarded, you help someone to cross the road GOD will bless you, even Islam says that if you decided to perform any good act (and had not done it practically, but have just thought to do so), it will be noted by angels and you will be rewarded for that on the day of judgment.
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My personal Faith journey as a Roman catholic utilizing Fowler's Stages of Faith as related to my life
My whole understanding of God revolved around the ideas of sin and grace, right versus wrong. I distinctly remember one day I picked up a candy from a store, and my mother took me back to the store, to return the candy and to apologize for
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The Sacrifice of Isaac
If God asked for a thousand sheep, I would gladly give it. If He asked for my life, without question, I will let Him have it. But my son? Only a father
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The day that changed my life
As a result of my attitude towards schoolwork, my parents started to force me to do my homework, and l learned how important it was. On this day it was a fairly sunny and the weather was warm which made it good to play
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The day my baby brother was born
We did not have to ask many questions because we knew exactly what it implied. My elder brother, my grandmother, my mother and I all rushed to his car in reaction to the urgency involved in this situation. We could not hide the excitement as we
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My Happiest Day

As one of the most dedicated fans of soccer, my favorite team Real Madrid. It is extremely hard to hate and that is why since 2004 I have strived to watch all matches played by Real Madrid. I have mixed feelings about the team because they sometimes lose. One of my happiest days is when I attended one of the matches played by the team.

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I prayed about it before considering possible ideas. I then chose online marketing ideas, of attracting and directing people to websites and I believed God for a successful venture. This would involve identifying people with
1 pages (250 words) Essay
to Abimelech who took Sarai as his wife and instructed him to return my love to me. How gracious God has been with me during those years I figured He was not able to protect me. There have been more miracles God performed in my life only to show me that He can do anything for me but I wish to tell most importantly of the miracle about my son who was born when me and my wife were already likened to a dead tree. Isaac was promised to us long before he was born however, when we were getting older and my wife was not yet conceiving, we thought God might have meant us to have a son through our maidservant, Hagar. Of course, we were wrong and our plan can never replace the plans of God. More years passed before we finally had our promised son and what a joy it was. This calmed me and the thought that God has a better plan. Still I cannot stop myself from thinking what could it be so I concluded with confidence in God that He somehow can raise Isaac back to life. The following morning, I got up and called my servants and Isaac to prepare for the long journey. As we were approaching the mountain where God told me to offer Isaac, we left the servants behind and started to walk with my son to the mountain. I was quite prepared for Isaac’s inquisitive character and told him God will provide our offering when he noticed we only have the fire and wood for the sacrifice. When the fire was finally set, I sat with Isaac and explained everything. Settled with my idea that he could be raised back from the dead, he agreed to be killed as a sacrifice. Thankfully, I did not have to continue because God said that I passed His test. Just then, I heard a ram caught in the thicket and joyfully, Isaac and I sacrificed it instead. We worshiped God before we went down from the mountain and I had a long talk with my son, telling him again of all the lessons I learned through the years. The narration from the Bible was given by an observer. Telling the story on the first person makes it more believable and


Full name Professor Subject Date My Faith was not Developed in a Day When my son Isaac grew to be a fine young man, God called me one day and told me to go to a mountain that He will show me, to sacrifice the only son He knew I treasured more than my own life…
Author : rohanpablo
My Faith was not Developed in a Day
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