Summary (33-112 pp.) of "The Mother of the Lord - Memory, Presence, Hope" Translated by Thomas A. Thompson

Summary (33-112 pp.) of "The Mother of the Lord - Memory, Presence, Hope" Translated by Thomas A. Thompson Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The purpose of this book is to put forward Mariology, Marian and Mariological Studies, Rectors of Marian Shrines and people committed to Marian devotion. It deals with the status of Mary in the Catholic Church, a theological analysis of her personality and her contributions towards Christianity, with authority by the learned of the Pontifical Academy.


Laws, meditations and think tanks are formed to fight with the negative propensities in life, but, unfortunately, the level of determination to struggle is directly related with the level of faith in our cause. The deeper we believe in something, the higher will be our motivation to put it into action. The Marian theology helps, where all other methods of social reformation fail. . It will be a better approach to study it with contemporary theological currents. Other branches of theological inquiry- soteriology, pneumatology, and ecclesiology also come to the fore here. To understand the Marian theology begins with understanding the role of Blessed Mary and her contribution and importance in Christianity. God has blessed Mary with a special favor to her and passed his righteousness to the Christ through her. Mary was chosen as the mother of Christ, by the God to put forward goodness and kindness. She is a mirror of God’s mercy to His people and provided spiritual, physical and intellectual needs to her Son. In Matthew’s Gospel, Joseph is told, “It is by the Holy Spirit that she has conceived this child” (Mt 1:20). The relation between Blessed Mary and Christ is of utmost importance in understanding the Marian theology. It describes the link that Virgin Mary is a blessed soul to for every Christian to find his way to the Christ as an establishment of faith. ...
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