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Boundaries in Marriage: Understanding the Choices that Make or Break Loving Relationships, Author Dr. Henry Cloud - Book Report/Review Example

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Author : vharris
Book Report/Review
Religion and Theology
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What the book says The book, “Boundaries in Marriage” by Henry Cloud and Dr. Townsend help explain the friction and challenges that individuals normally experience in marriage and define the problems to the struggling society. Marriage is never an easy entity to manage and more often, individuals experience challenges that threaten to separate them…

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Boundaries in Marriage: Understanding the Choices that Make or Break Loving Relationships, Author Dr. Henry Cloud

Once individuals get married, they are considered as one entity rather than two separate individuals. There is a further attempt to develop the importance of respect and the ability to allow the partners express their freedoms to promote better relations in marriage. This book is mainly written to target couples and those that are ready to commit to the bondage. It highlights the importance of boundaries, and through incorporating religious virtues, individuals are guided towards a healthy societal life. Boundaries are defined as the qualities that can be viewed within the individual setting in the husband and wife. Before they merge to become a single entity, the husband possesses separate qualities and the same fact applies to the wife. Cloud and Townsend expresses the need to define these separate attributes in their discipline to achieve a high stability form when the parties combine. Boundaries give the individual entities freedom and allow for personal improvement that most marriages fail to offer. Respect is obtained when this measure is undertaken promoting love and reconciliation in times of argument. With respect, the shared love between individuals would improve and easier resolve to tension would be managed without straining and seeking external assistance. ...
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