Turkey Briefing as a Traditional Turkish Element

Turkey Briefing as a Traditional Turkish Element Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Turkey briefing Traditional Turkish element that can be seen in Turkey Turkish culture composed of a combination of vastly diverse and multi-sectional set of elements collected from the European, ottoman, central Asians and Middle Eastern traditions (Aslanapa, 1).


This is celebrated as a spring festival within the region also linked to the Jewish festival of Purim. Extent of cultural influence of westernization and modernization Through development and urbanization, a lot of interactions among different state societies occur bringing about cultural intrusions, collisions and influences among themselves (David, 12). Turkey in the search for development and stability welcomed a lot of intrusions by other cultures through various activities. Such activities are such as engagement in cross cultural trading and social relations that cause interchange and adoptions of various cultural aspects such as religion. During the 1920s periods turkey underwent a system modernization program referred to as the “Kemalism” and through vital European tactics together with Turkish technocrats’ developed a successful development model (Belbor, 8). Various aspects of Turkish culture such as religion, language and other practices significantly influenced through this westernization process and development. Cultural sensitivities visitors to Turkey should be aware of Visitors to any new region need to be sensitive to the norms of the region so as not to spur any conflicts of interests among them. These norms are inclusive of political governance, laws and cultural practices and observations. ...
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