The Statements by the ARCIC and BEM on Eucharist

The Statements by the ARCIC and BEM on Eucharist Essay example
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Name: Course: Date: The statements by the ARCIC and BEM on Eucharist has served to address the major differences that were there between the Catholic and the Anglican Church. The statements were reached through a series of meetings that were held between the leaders of the Catholic and those of the Anglican Church.


Such changes can be indentified in the subsequent revisions of the order of masses, the change in common catholic and Anglican traditional and custom practices as well as the liberty and freedom of religion and worship that has changed over time (Miller, 2002). It is through such changes that the common doctrines have changed and so the connection and relationship of the conventional catholic and Anglican Church to the original church that was left when Christ ascended have changed too (Jeanes, 2008). Following the consecration of one Robison, a homosexual by the Anglican Church as a bishop, and the ordination of women as to participate in Anglican Communion, the sexuality issue became a significant point of contention between the two churches (Miller, 2002 p302). Whether the sacrifice of Eucharist should be administered to the dead was another point of disagreement (WCC, 1982). While according to the historical traditions of the Catholic Church, it can be administered while the Anglican Church held a different viewpoint. Adoration of the Eucharist by Christians as a custom of the Catholic Church seemed unpopular with the Anglican Church (Dennis, 1998). ...
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