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[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 7 February 2012. Relics Introduction to relics The term “relic” is assigned different means depending upon the context and situation. In everyday language as well as according to the modern connotation, people commonly use this term in the figurative sense when they mean that somebody is old or antiquated.


It is like preserving the belongings of the saint in an attempt to keep his/her memories alive forever. The concept emerges from the anxiety of separation. The concept of relics finds origin in the religious literature. According to the New Testament, an old woman who had been suffering from hemorrhage for quite a while found a way out. “Seeing Jesus in the crowds, she told herself "I only need to touch the hem of his garment, then I will be healed" and Jesus, who felt the power leave from him, turned to the woman and told her that her faith had healed her” (“The origin of relics”). Relics are present in almost every religion. Christians, Muslims and Hindus have their own relics that have huge significance in the historic literatures of these religions. Muslims consider the Holy Water of Zam Zam as sacred. It is also considered as an antidepressant. Hindus bathe in the River of Ganges because they believe that doing so would make them free of their sins and would purify their souls. People believe relics to be solutions for their problems as human beings. Relics are considered as the blessings of God Almighty. They are not just objects, but are actually means of spiritual revival and enlightenment. For example, the Holy Water is thought to have many positive effects upon the people who drink it. ...
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