Hinduism and Budhism (Sidhartha) Prior to the Year 1500 (AD/CE) - Essay Example

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Hinduism and Budhism (Sidhartha) Prior to the Year 1500 (AD/CE)

It laid geographical and theological diversity and developed sectarian in multifaceted ways with a very strong tradition that significantly influenced many world religions (William & Jackson 32). Many individuals with little knowledge on the subcontinent history of India fail to find the connection between Buddhism and Hinduism in the ancient days, and how they enriched and affected each other. This paper discusses the differences and similarities of these two religions prior to the year 1500 AD. Practically there are many similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism religions. Both of these religions are polytheistic in nature. Hindu had three gods whose functions were defined. For example, the reproduction and destruction God was Shiva; Vishnu was the god of order, and the highest Goddess was Maha-Devi. Similarly, Buddhism had its main “bodhisattvas” who also performed various functions, for example, the compassion bodhisattva, “avalokiteshvara”, and “manjushri”, bodhisattva responsible for wisdom. It is believed in Hinduism that every human being is an element of the impersonal world, thus his or her soul reincarnates into a different being based on the present life. Buddhist religion also holds the same view, since there is also belief in the reincarnation process based on what someone does in the present life. ...
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Your name Similarities and Differences between Hinduism and Buddhism prior to the year 1500 (AD/CE) Buddhism and Hinduism are religions that are known with their origins from South Asia. Both of these religions are founded in the same culture in India…
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