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The Bhagavad Gita - Term Paper Example

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Although if it were easy, then every man would know and practice justice, which is not the case; The possibility of attaining spiritual enlightenment by following the holy text of the Gita is rampant in an individual's sub conscious and needs to be tapped in order for him to feel it, by reading the verses and making personal revelations. Lord Krishna answers questions regarding the moral dilemmas that Arjuna has been facing regarding battling his own cousins who imposed tyrannical rule over the empire, by turning despotic. Krishna takes it upon himself to advocate the duties that a warrior and a prince should have, elaborating the same to Arjuna, through the ideas of ‘karma’, ‘moksha’, ‘Samkhya’ and the various ‘yogas’. The Gita is also called the ‘Song of the Divine One’ and is an attempt to explain the purpose of life to Arjuna via the attainment of enlightenment by understanding the dedication one should have towards the worship of God. The discourse takes place as Krishna urges Arjuna to fight the battle despite his friends and relatives being on the other side and thus explains to him the necessity for the war in order to establish a just society. He does the same by trying to explain to Arjuna how one must fight without any sort of guilt on a battlefield because the soul of a person always remains eternal and thus cannot be destroyed or made to lose its lustre. In the context of the soul, Krishna says, “It is not killed when the body is killed… the embodied self discards its worn-out bodies to take on other new ones.” The body is like a material part of the ephemeral world that man lives within and merely is a house for the soul for a temporary period of time before the body decays and the soul moves into another body for shelter. This very soul is made of God’s energy according to the Gita, and thus, has a permanent form and is infinite in nature. “Learned men do not grieve for the dead or the living. Never have I not existed… never in the future shall we cease to exist.” Krishna’s words are an attempt to explain to Arjuna how he should not have second thoughts about fighting because this is the only opportunity that he has in order to bring about peace in the land by winning the battle. Everyone is aware of the fact that the battle cannot be won without Arjuna’s skills and thus he is made to understand that even if he dies during the fight, his soul will attain peace and enlightenment in the form of another body. However, pertaining to the thesis, spiritual attainment should come to every man in order to make him understand that the war should not be fought in the first place because even though it promises to bring about balance, it also is a cause for a vast amount of bloodshed and spread of hatred among the people, something that God should initially condemn, looking at the philosophy that He teaches. Thus, this brings about a debate on whether or not spiritual attainment is possible at all and how it may help people to restore unity and humanity. The main purpose of the speech that Krishna gives, that makes up the Bhagavad Gita, is to restore balance and order among Earth which can only be done if the war at Kurukshetra is won by Arjuna. Thus, the Gita aims to enlighten Arjuna of the sacred duty that he has to fight and Krishna describes the same as, “ ...Show more


Name 13 February 2012 Assignment The Bhagavad Gita is a 700 verse discourse in Sanskrit, a part of the Sanskrit epic titled the Mahabharata written by Valmiki. Also known as the Gita, this book of religious scriptures forms the single most important text of Hinduism because it contains a great number of teachings under the branch of philosophy…
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The Bhagavad Gita
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