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Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Religious persecution is defined as a campaign to drive away, or subjugate people because of their religion, race, or beliefs. While to the international community, they see it as “the faithful are arrested and imprisoned.


When Indonesia declared her independence, Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia, chaired a meeting with his cabinet and established a constitution law that requires the future president candidates to be a Muslim in order to curb persecution of Christians and other minorities in Indonesia. Having Muslim as a religion will make government officials have a more stable position to this problem. This attracts several people to convert to Muslim and to some extent; they are willing to change their name to Islamic (Aragon 39-41). Persecution of Christians Religious discrimination is a serious issue in Indonesia and yet the government is not taking any action to solve this issue. They should be more understanding and respect other religions. Although it has subsided recently, discrimination against religion in Indonesia is still visible and vibrant. The religious conflicts have been solely targeting Christians. Indonesia is the world’s largest and fastest growing Muslim country in the world. Being a third world country, Indonesia has unstable political structure and racial and religious discrimination common. Today, discrimination is regarded as an ordinary daily occurrence and sometimes it may have gone too far. In this particular country, discrimination against religion had hurt hundreds and even taken several lives. ...
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