Prescription Drug Abuse and the Death of Flawed Diamonds

Prescription Drug Abuse and the Death of Flawed Diamonds Essay example
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Prescription Drug Abuse and the Death of Flawed Diamonds A posted response, following a Center for Disease Control information article about prescription drug overdose deaths, stated: Drug companies have become legal drug dealers. They are mass murderers for profit…40,000 deaths due to prescription drug overdoses for 2011 is a conservative forecast (Paulozzi, 2010).


Their lifestyles are glamorous and set apart so much that they unintentionally put themselves in vulnerable situations, caused by exhaustion, less stable peers, destabilized relationships, irregular hours, identity issues, and efforts to deny mortality and the impermanence of social status. This paper will examine this issue through the celebrity porthole, and will consider the answers Confucius offers to the problem and how his teachings apply. As with most social issues, death by unintended drug poisoning, is contributed to by a number of factors. Some of those factors include accepting drugs from friends; securing multiple prescriptions; taking prescription drugs in combination with other drugs and/or with alcohol; Relying solely on drugs to relieve pain, gaining dependency; using prescription drugs for emotional support without making necessary life adjustments (Paulozzi, 2010); using drugs to maintain a certain social image when one’s true situation doesn’t fit the image. Another factor is profit that pharmaceutical companies make and, consequently, the ways they pressure doctors to prescribe particular drugs for their patients. Doctors are often too busy to notice what drugs their patients are still taking, and patients too often fail to dispose of excess medication (Paulozzi, 2010). ...
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