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Judaism's “Talmud” further explores and explains the religion's teachings, principles, and ethics. According to history, Judaism started with the Covenant between the patriarch, God, and progenitor, Abraham, of the Jews (Abrahams, 2008). The religion is still in practice today and has influenced other world religions like Islam and Christianity. Unlike the other religions in the contemporary world, the central authority in Judaism does not lie in the hands of single individual or group rather in holy writings, traditions, and learned Rabbis who give meaning to those writings and laws of the religion. Judaism has existed for thousands of years already but it remains loyal and true to most of its religious principles (Abrahams, 2008). Among its principles, the most important is the belief in one, omniscient, all powerful, kind, encompassing God, who made the universe and continues to oversees it. The traditional Jewish faith states that the God who made the universe created a covenant with the Israelites, and disclosed his laws and teachings to Moses on Mount Sinai in both the Written and Oral Torah forms, and the Jews are the progenies of the Israelites. ...
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Judaism is considered to be one of the oldest religions in the world, being the earliest of the three Abrahamic religions including Islam and Christianity (Abrahams, 2008). …
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