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Name Professor Course Date The Pazzi Chapel Introduction The Pazzi Chapel is Brunelleschi built a masterpiece of religious building during the Renaissance period from 1429 to 1461 for the head of the Pazzi family. The building is currently located in the first cloister of the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.


Constructed by Vignola from 1568 to 1580 and funded by Allessandro Cardinal Farnese. This thesis compares the research that has been done on the Pazzi Chapel and, in turn, compare it the Il Gesu Church. Thesis statement While the Pazzi Chapel is gaining popularity by the day, there have been a number of attempts to discredits it popularity based on features such as setting, building mass, facades interior, construction, materiality, style and colors. The closest comparison that the Pazzi chapel building can have is the Il Gesu. However, is the Pazzi better than Il Gesu? The construction system of the chapel was loaded bearing masonry, made of concrete masonry blocks. Cement and synthetic adhesives are used as mortar to bond the masonry. The context of the chapel was intended to be a chapter house for religious teaching purposes. The interior and exterior of Pazzi Chapel are controlled by pillar type, which is popular during the Renaissance period. The architect shrewdly uses pillar type structure inside Pazzi Chapel to divide the front colonnade at facade into five, and the middle one is the biggest to separate the colonnade into two parts, and to highlight the center2. ...
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