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Do Nothing and Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism

At the same time, it tries to respond to the general thirst for a different approach to life, and a yearning for health, serenity, and spiritual emancipation. The paper tries to analyze and discuss the work of the author in details. Analysis of the book Affluent and hilarious illustrations express the subtle ideologies that explore language deeply and create it again in a similar style as used by the author during his class lectures in the art college. The book defines the lifestyles of both the American and Chinese life. The simple comical and reflective book portrays the importance of Taoism in the modern society. As an intellectual in his literary work and a great philosopher, Qiguang forms three bridges within the same book. The first contrast involves the ancient and the modern life. The second deals with the Eastern and the Western part. Lastly, it majors on the writings and pictures used in the author’s work. The writer uses the bridges as a source of inspiration that makes one rest because of nothing and soar high into the skies. Although he talks about not doing anything, he seems to perform everything as he goes through the diverse strands of the East, and the West ideologies on wisdom. The results produce an artistic work that provokes individuals to think beyond a person’s capability. Insightful and realistic wisdom demonstrates itself in this detailed account of the olden and the present Taoist knowledge. ...
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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Do Nothing and Do Everything by Qiguang Zhao illustrates the face of New Taoism. The author portrays this, as it is the basic principle in his daily undertakings. The author has experienced both the Chinese and American culture…
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