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Lady in the Water The theory of Karma, though originated from Hinduism, has its influence on every theology. In Karma theory, it is mentioned that we have been sent on the earth by Almighty power to perform a certain task. It is our duty to perform the task (action) as it is the wish of Ishwara (God).


We need a theory of culture that recognizes the powerful influences on human action of forces that do not operate directly through human consciousness and intention, but also of forces that importantly motivate human action through consciously held ideas, beliefs, and commitments. And we need a theory of culture that accounts for the very real operation of rationally self-interested choice in human life, but also the pervasive and powerful human enacted affirmations of moral commitments that are not reducible to self-interest..” (Christian Smith 2003) When I studied the film “Lady in the Water,” for my paper, I found the same theory advocated by the writer and the director of the film. The story initially was a bed time story. In Every period, every culture of the world, story-telling has been the common activity. Stories have been proved as a good moral stuff for the children. It conveys the moral message, values and the visions of the respective community. The stories have knitted the people together. Lady in the Water is the story which was a spontaneous and unplanned story told by the writer and director of this film, M. Night Shyamalan to his children. But when this kids’ story came in form of the film, it has not become a mere kids’ story. It was because some of the scenes shown in the film are not suitable for kids. ...
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