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The Relationship Between Health, Healing, and Religion

Different religions utilize different ideas about the healing. Some utilize the spiritual activities while some utilize the scientific approach and give medicines to heal a sick person. The medicine might come from the plant source or might be a modern medicine. The modern scientific community has taking interest in all the healing techniques that are utilized from the religious point of view and some of the religious activities considering the health and healing got importance due to the positivism towards the society and religion. In general, illness is the phase of a body or mind where it is unable to work in its capacity or body or mind is unable to perform that it has the capacity of. However, different religions views illness differently. In the Voodoo religion, the believers have believed that an illness is caused due to the evil or bad sprits or sometimes sprits of the family members. Voodoo has concepts that “lwa” are the sprits that make an interaction with the people and are able to cause bad thing to the people. In the Kung religion, illness is caused by the dead Kung, the dead ancestor of a person or sometimes gods penetrate the illness into the person (Kingsley 41). In this way, in this religion it is very important to cure and heal the sick to try best to make the person healthy. Shaman has also the similar conditions that consider illness a spiritual deal of the person. ...
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Religion and healing have a deep relation. It can be said in the way, any religion is incomplete without adopting the techniques to maintain health. The spiritual and ritual prayers in most of the religion help in maintaining the metal as well as physical health of the believers…
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