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Comparison of New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith (1833) with the Treatise on Faith and Practice of the Free Will Baptists - Book Report/Review Example

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Comparison of New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith (1833) with the Treatise on Faith and Practice of the Free Will Baptists

These particular confessions are very much related to each other because of their root. The New Hampshire Baptist confessions of faith generally have begun in 1833 drawn by Rev. John Newton Brown, D. Din the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith was adhered to by what are known as General Baptists [1]. Treatise on Faith and practice of the Free Will Baptist can be shortly termed as ‘Free will Baptist’ and was originally founded and written by Benjamin Randall in about 1779, after removing himself from the Calvinistic Baptists in New Hampshire who became very critical of his theological views[2]. Now as we gather these two confessions of the Baptist beliefs we can now trace the history behind this timeline of the Religious reforms in the United States and as well how it affected the Neighboring countries. We will also look at the paralleling declarations followed by complementary that would affect the polity, ordinances in the Baptist Churches in the world. 1. The New HampshireBaptist Confession, 1833 by Phillip R. Johnson 2. Randall- The Reformed Reader Similarities We will start the similarities by the organization of the entire confessions. Both of the confessions have the same attribution that certain men had written the bible. There is also an evident side that both have been emphasizing the freeness of Salvation for everyone. And that the Salvation was purely personal. They also both have termed Regeneration as ‘Born Again’. And the two confessions have an intense stress on Trinity or the three personas: the God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They also have certain level of similarity on the church basics like Sabbath, Salvation, Faith and the end of days. They both have acknowledged the death of Christ and how and why he suffered, the consequences of our sins and the retribution and sanctification. Overlapping Declaration In this part of the paper we talk about the commonality of the two confessions and how the two expresses the bible. We will highlight some of the paralleled matters found in the texts. Here are some of the Overlapping Declarations. Faith and Repentance are both mentioned in the two confessions. There is a slight emphasis that the New Hampshire that these are sacred duties whereas on Treatise show that these are more of a guilt to be confessed [3]. For Treatise, Faith is something like a requirement that you should have to continue. For the New Hampshire, Faith is the acknowledging that our God is our Lord and personal savior. 3. Chapter VII, The new Hampshire Confession of Faith 1833; Chapter IX, Treatise on Faith and Practice of the Free Will Baptists They have the same view regarding on Church that it is organized by baptized believers and the Sabbatical rules that apply in the bible. They have clearly emphasized the method of Baptism which is different form other religion about the immersion of the believers in water Judgment and Retribution was the same for the both confession that the evil will suffer and the righteous will have an eternal life. And this is all personal. The Second Coming of Christ was mentioned in both Confessions. The Free-will Baptists follow their doctrines to its logical conclusion, if believing is an “act of the creature” originating from within their “ ...Show more


Table of Contents Introduction 2 Similarities 3 Overlapping Declaration 4 Contrasting Beliefs 5 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 7 Introduction Confessions were a way of stating the religious forms and beliefs of Specific entities. As the Christianity grows there exists a cultural overlap where the ways vary differently as the topographical location is concerned…
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Comparison of New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith (1833) with the Treatise on Faith and Practice of the Free Will Baptists essay example
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