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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Judaism and Shabbat Judaism is a religious belief that dictates the way of life and the philosophy of the Jewish people. The term Judaism is driven from the Greek word Ioudaismos. In Hebrew, the term originated from the term ?


In additional, they often believe that these laws and commandments were given to Moses both in written and in Oral Torah forms. However, a religious community, the Karaites movement, has historically challenged the notion that Moseswas given these laws and commandments in two forms (Herring 15). They have ever held that the laws and commandment given to Moses were only in a single form, that is, in written form but not in Oral Torah. The Karaites movement flourished during the medieval period and still has several followers in the contemporary world who have maintained that Moses was only given written Torah laws and commandments (Bank 22). Judaism has enjoyed historical continuity of over three thousand years; basically, three thousand eight hundred years since its foundation by Abraham. This makes it among the oldest monotheistic religions of the world that has survived until into the contemporary world (Miller 24). The Israelites or the Hebrew was already being referred to as Jews in the early books of Tanakh (Herring 24). The late books of Tanakh including the Book of Ester the name Jews were placed by the title the Children of Israel. The texts of Judaism, its tradition, and values had a strong influence on the subsequent Abrahamic religions that included Christianity, Baha’i Faith, and Islamic. ...
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