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Religion and Theology
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Running head: Midterm exam Midterm exam Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 15 March 2012 Section A Question 1 Sharia, according to Saudi Arabian Islam, is basically a divine law in accordance to how it was expressed by Muhammad’s example and the Quran.


However, according to many scholars, Sharia has been pointed out as not being a well-defined set of rules or codes, but rather, characterized as an interpretation and discussion of Muslim duties based on both extensive literature and the Muslim community opinions. Sharia is a diverse, long, and complicated divine law, rather than just a set of rules and codes of conduct for the Muslim community. Although only eighty verses in the Qur'an are regarded as the legal prescriptions, the Sharia law is established with regards to this. Muhammad’s example is emphasized as an importance source of Sharia in the Quran with which the Muslim community bases their arguments of the divine law. Sharia based on Sunnah is contained in reports of Muhammad's actions, his sayings, and his tacit approval of his demeanor and actions. Sunnah as Sharia takes pride of the many compilations of reports during both the sahih period and thereafter regarding Muhammad’s examples. However, Sharia extends and interprets its applications beyond the issues addressed in the Quran and the example Muhammad and includes secondary sources such as consensus regarding religious scholar in the ijma and qivas analogy. More to the analogy of the Quran and Muhammad’s example, Shia jurists always seek to apply reasoning as Sharia basis. ...
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