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Name Professor Course Date Monasticism What is the purpose of the monastic life? Monastic life entails giving oneself fully in serving God, denying worldly pleasures and indulging in strict observance of monastery discipline. It emanates from a monk’s ardent desire to serve and unceasingly love his creator, which prompts a person to offer one’s life as a gift.


Ordinary Christians usually juggle family, work and children nurturing to bring up a Godly society while one devoted to monastic life renounces family life and embraces celibacy. This ensures that the entire time one has is entirely for God and the tasks that entail his lifestyle. For example, St. Anthony after having observed asceticism and all its aspects, decided to seclude himself to a lonely place in the port. Seclusion from the world and the normal world activities gave him the time required to ensure that he had time for God. Monastery lifestyle aids the monks to subdue their bodily passions that may hinder one from having complete dedication to God. This is via fasting, enduring harsh circumstances with people of the similar motive living together as a family. Primarily, this entails fervent fasting, praying and persevering trials for the sake of the church while making constant intercession for humankind. These trials and sufferings monks render in union with those of the Christ while in Gethsemane (Migliore 173). Here, Christ was pleading for assistance and accompaniment in the journey of human salvation, which entailed the Holy Trinity’s intervention. ...
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