Complete Sanctification- Book Critique on "Becoming Christlike Disciples" by H. Ray Dunning

 Complete Sanctification- Book Critique on "Becoming Christlike Disciples" by H. Ray Dunning Book Report/Review example
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Religion and Theology
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Complete Sanctification – Book Critique “Becoming Christlike Disciples” by H Ray Dunning. Available online at: Introduction: Summary of main contents. This is a relatively small book which deals with very big themes.


There is, however a well explained overall theme that is underlined in prefaces and epilogues. Part I focuses on sanctification, also referred to as holiness, which is one of the key terms that are given prominence in Wesleyan theology. The author explores the ambiguous way that this term has been used by Jewish and Christian writers. Ten chapters of explanation follow, starting with the Old and New Testament usage of the word sanctification, and then linking it with other major concepts such as justification, the Image of God, the Spirit, etc. The aim of this approach is to show how this idea can be approached from different angles, and how all-round understanding can be gained by seeing what meanings it has in these different contexts. Part II Concentrates on the concept of the Fruit of the Spirit and following the same pattern as Part I, it introduces the concept, explains its multiple meanings, and then in separate chapters pursues a list of separate manifestations of the Fruit of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness etc. The author warns specifically against confusing these divine gifts with ordinary personality traits, which every person possesses and which are not necessarily evidence of the working of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. ...
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