Christianity as Mediated by America's Entertainment Culture & Justin Bieber

Christianity as Mediated by America
Religion and Theology
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Christianity as Mediated by America’s Entertainment Culture & Justin Bieber Introduction Religion is everywhere. It is not only constituted of worshipping rather someone divine, but also when placing very high regard to a certain entity. Over the past decades, it has been a never failing trend that celebrities are being portrayed as religious icons.


Consequently, it is why celebrities are marketed and angled to entice a larger devotion, exploring more possible target consumers. A prime example of this scenario is Justin Bieber and how he projects his image as a devote Christian. He even inked a portrait of Jesus on his calf. In an article entitled “Are young, religious stars like Justin Bieber and Tim Tebow making Christianity cool?” (, January 10, 2012), Jo Pizza also mentioned other stars such as Demi Lovatto and NFL player Tim Tebow credit and praise their religion for their success in . Whether it is a packaging and publicity stunt to showcase Bieber as a devoted Christian in order to further his career, it is important to scrutinize the effects that in entails to society, to popular culture and its followings, and also the impact towards the Christian religion or simply just to religion. It is also critical to note that while Bieber’s influence does not generally include the adult population, he rather has a strong hold of fan base on the youth who calls themselves as “Beliebers”, wherein the influence and impression is more potent and lasting to society, notwithstanding the support that it garners from the religious sector. ...
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