Gothic Cathedral in 12th-15th Centuries in Western Europe

Gothic Cathedral in 12th-15th Centuries in Western Europe Essay example
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The Gothic cathedral in the 12th – 15th centuries in Western Europe. The great cities of medieval Europe built Gothic cathedrals that exceeded the scale of any other buildings ever known by people of that time. Their magnificent towers, with or without pointed spires, their extensive buttresses and elaborate portals and pillars towered above the rest of each city’s buildings, proclaiming the greatness of God and the devotion his people to their faith.


91). There is speculation that the new style may have borrowed from Eastern styles which were used in Islamic architecture, but the main reason for the shift from rounded, rather solid and blunt shapes, to more elongated and graceful shapes is that builders acquired new techniques which gave them more freedom to try daring designs. These new building techniques shifted the weight bearing points so that walls could be both higher and lighter, thanks to the support from additional flying buttresses outside the main areas. Towns and cities embarked upon a kind of competition to outdo the efforts of neighboring places in producing the biggest, highest and most ornate Cathedral buildings possible. This meant that the Cathedral became more than the religious focal point of a city, since it began to represent the pride and ambition of the people of each city. ...
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