Bodily Energy and the Chakras - Book Report/Review Example

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Bodily Energy and the Chakras

This book report describes the bodily energy, that is generated from multi-dimensional sources. Every physical body is connected to the spiritual energy. The physical body is nourished by air, food and water and the spiritual body enlivens with the energy generated by chakras. Chakras are seven in number and they receive varied forms of spiritual energy. The researcher is not willing to accept the central belief of Dr. Motoyama that destiny is above karma. Each has the defined areas and roles in shaping the life of an individual. But it is true that by negating lower levels of our existence, and by understanding their true perspective and limitations, one can assiduously try to reach the higher levels and in this process, chakras leave their influences in self-cultivation. The author has given scientific and learned information about chakra’s location, the relationship of chakras and the body, human psychology and chakras, the four-dimensional role of chakras at the physical, psychological, astral and karana, chakra’s role in emancipation, yoga asanas, activation of chakra and the inner developments, pitfalls when working open the chakra, the mutual relationships between different chakras and nadis, dangers of misusing or overusing the chakras, and finally his own experiences with the chakras and kundalini awakening. This is an inspirational book with facts and figures and provides authentic information about the human anatomy and the process of one’s journey to the inner world. ...
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This book report describes the book “Awakening of the Chakras and Emancipation,” written by Hiroshi Motoyama. The researcher of this book report also focuses on the energy generated by chakras, that are seven in number and they receive varied forms of spiritual energy…
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