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Running Head: Bodily Energy…. Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Religion and Theology Date: Introduction Bodily energy is generated from multi-dimensional sources. The subject is not exclusive. By body, we ordinarily mean physical body. But every physical body is connected to the spiritual energy without which it is junk and liable to the process of decay.


Chakras are the moving power points that establish connectivity. Muladhara chakra is located at the bottom of backbone. Within that chakra kundalini exists in a dormant state. Kundalini awakening is the spiritual element of the bodily energy. Normally, Kundalini is like the great powerhouse, but locked! The yogis have proclaimed that through specified procedures one can learn how to make use of that astounding power. The origin of kundalini is Muladhara chakra. With the aid of three nadis kundalini steadily moves up crossing Svadhisthana, Manipura, Aanahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and finally it reaches Sahasrara chakras. That is the state of realization of the Self. Hiroshi Motoyama in his book “Awakening of the Chakras and Emancipation,” articulates well that the existence of a human being is related to mind/body interactions. He also details many meditation and yoga exercises that assist the aspirant to awaken one’s chakras, the body’s circles of light. Working towards emancipation is not possible through physical exercises (asana) alone. Attitudinal balance has to be developed simultaneously by employing techniques like meditation. Hiroshi is eminently suited to write on the subject of bodily energy and the chakras being a scholar in philosophy, has expertise in eastern and western thoughts. ...
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