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Faith and/in Reason

To many, it appears that the choice between faith and reason is either/or, one or the other, and so we see Evangelical Christians dismissing climate science, evolution, and more in order to maintain their faith, while a growing Atheist/Agnostic movement embraces science and claims the mantle of “reality-based” thinking. But it does not have to be this way. If we were to conceptualize faith and reason differently, we could once again see these ideas united. Much depends on how we define the terms. Faith, in this essay, refers to the conviction or belief that a concept, idea, or cause is true independently of the empirical evidence to support said conviction. Reason, by contrast, is the deductive and inductive power to logically link empirical evidence to the validity of a concept, idea, or causal relationship. ...
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Faith and/in Reason Francis Bacon once suggested that God's message and magnificence could be read in two books: Scripture, and Creation itself (Bacon). One could be read for meaning, but the other could be studied scientifically. For Bacon, Faith and Reason were not oppositional forces, but rather complimentary, since Bacon assumed that Reason would continue to show the validity of Faith, and that what science discovered would be evidence of the divine hand or presence, and not the absence thereof…
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