Compare and Contrast the Theme of the Vampire Family

Compare and Contrast the Theme of the Vampire Family Essay example
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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice is about Louis who narrates his story, in his words, about his life in the mortal and immortal forms (Rice 11). Louis recalls the unwilling transformation of his human form to that of a vampire by creepy Lestat.


Both Louis and Claudia become desperate to know where they belong and meet with others who would understand their entire situation. Finally, they travel to Europe destining in Paris where they find the theatre of vampires. Here, the author of the novel through establishing the book as a short story brings out the disastrous and successful life experiences of a spirit, as well as the endeavors of characters thus capturing the socio-political changes of different continents. By the novel introducing Lestat, the most lasting character who is a thrilling combination of attraction and revolt with many lush illustrations, it focuses on immortality, loss, sexuality, change, and power as its main themes. The request by characters Daniel and Madelein for Louis to give them the power he had or make them vampires clearly indicates they were living in an era and region that had a lot of restrain in terms of sex, non-tolerance to criminal activities and may be stern code of social conduct. That is why they were eager to experience new taste of life. The author through building such a scenario where characters with non-human attributes could go to new places and the people they meet becoming excited about their attributes and wanting to be like them, captures the theme of change. ...
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